The One Design to Outshine Others

Manifesting timeless charms through the stillness of its design while whispering metropolitan vibrant in its sophisticated simplicity. Invincible in its location, Bangkok's financial district is on one side and a stunning Lumpini Park is on another. SALADAENG ONE is destined to be in the city centre but ambitiously designed to be the centre of this city.


The One Beauty Built to Last

Why designed to be timeless when it cannot last?

Thoughtfulness and delicacy in design, within the exterior design is a facade treatment featuring horizontal slabs giving an impression of natural marble folds with different immensity in each level. These horizontal facade elements are meant to provide shades, great protections from rain and extreme sunlight, made by customised aluminum cladding that resembles the beauty of white marbles, yet possesses the great enduring calibre.

Beyond Panoramic

Bay Windows at SALADAENG ONE are perfectly in precise angles to form different reflections of sunshine and city lights in different times of the day.

Because your views should not be limited at 180°, apart from appealing exterior appearance, perfect angles of these Bay Windows extend the view wider. Not only the width, they also come with more space to sit right next to them as they are meant for you to indulge broader, clearer, and closer view.

Let the City Be Your Adornment

Full-frame windows are designed to be opened on the sides, stretching to the full width and height, broadening your perspective both horizontally and vertically so nothing will come between you and Bangkok's incomparable views.

Every Inch Matters

Every single inch matters at SALADAENG ONE the unit layouts are designed to maximise space utility as such sophisticated designed bedroom space for a larger living area. Each unit is carefully planned for every bed to head to the right direction, and every couch to face the staggering views of Bangkok's skyline.





Landed on Bangkok's invincible address, SALADAENG ONE situated in the centre of Bangkok's financial district. The area is genuinely the capital's most internationalised quarter since it is neighboured by various embassies. Most significantly, it is one of the few address to offer a free-hold residence with a staggering view of Bangkok's historical park

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