BEATNIQ, Bangkok

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The 21st century modern designs are inspired by those from the Mid-Century era, a time when individualism was highly treasured. Remarkable materials like natural marble are harmonised into the design to answer the needs of those who live a distinctive lifestyle with a semi-outdoor space that can be altered to suit any state of mind, from a creative working space to a dining room or even a perfect place to gather with like-minded friends for a party. Unique minds must be facilitated uniquely, with distinctive facilities like TheSwimming Pool with a Floating Pavilion, a Double-Volume Split-Level Fitness Center that comes with a Boxing Area, Yoga Studio and the Kids Lounge, A Sky
Level Semi-Outdoor Jacuzzi Pool and The Landscaped Sky Garden that seamlessly connects to the Double-Height, Multipurpose Lounge through the iconic Spiral Staircase


The Century Lounge

This grand lobby, set for relaxation, exudes elegance in its marvelous polished marble floors, complemented by the geometric facade. Within this space is a multi use exclusive lounge that includes a library and a meeting room.

A panoramic open concept design feature, masterfully forms a seamless connection between the lobby’s interior and outdoor green space.

The Marble Patio

The garden of harmonious and exceptional elements: water, grassy knolls, tree lines and open green space are transformed into a tranquil scene creating a perfect escape from the hassles of city life.

The Skyscape Sphere

A spectacular setting is enhanced by a unique design, a white marble hanging pavilion appears to float above the pool’s shimmering water-offering a luxurious sanctuary for night time relaxation.


Experience an extraordinary lifestyle that showcases elegance and a modern sensibility enhanced by smart design functions.

Luxury meets comfort at its finest: imported Italian marble flooring, a home automation system that lets you control lighting, electricity, air conditioning, curtains and security -all through your smart phone.


At BEATNIQ, every unit is carefully designed for an unparalleled perfection. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom while the kitchen provides generous built-in features. The ultimate luxury is fulfilled with a comfortable lifestyle.

The semi-outdoor balcony in the 2-bedroom unit is spacious enough to lie down with the family on your favourite daybed. With full height windows in every unit, the scenic view of Bangkok’s skyline becomes a perfect backdrop for you to unwind after a long day at work.





Ideally situated on the main road of Sukhumvit, by soi Sukhumvit 32. Thong Lor has become the hot spot in town over the last few years, known for its excellent choice of upmarket and fashionable restaurants, along with plenty of trendy spots to drink the night away.

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